TMG TODAY: “Triggered: The Forbidden Zone” (S1E8)

Apr 26, 2021


It seems triggers are everywhere these days. Being triggered can feel threatening, increasing anxiety, stress, and fear and reaffirming the belief that so much in our life is out of our control. We're often encouraged to avoid looking at the cause behind our triggers, for entering the “forbidden zone" and taking a closer look seems risky and potentially dangerous.

However, avoiding our triggers only reaffirms our deepest feelings of powerlessness and fear, perpetuating their control over us. In actuality, our triggers are just red flags that can be used to dismantle our pesky limiting beliefs. Would you rather be "proactive," creating your reality from the inside out, or "reactive," responding to external circumstances outside of your control?

Taking a proactive approach to resolving our triggers ushers us across the threshold, beyond the spaces that scare, intimidate, and offend. In this episode of The Manifestor’s Guide Today, coaches Dewey Taylor and Charley Carroll march right up to your "forbidden zone" to uncover the limiting beliefs fueling your triggers so you can remove the limiting beliefs holding you back. After this episode, you'll never need a "safe space" again.


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