TMG TODAY: “The Science of Vibes” (S1E4)

Mar 29, 2021


What if I told you that the hippies had it right the whole time? In manifestation circles, it’s commonly said that if we want to create something in our lives, we must match its “vibration.” However, what does that actually mean? Is there a vibration of confidence or shyness, wealth or poverty, clarity or confusion? Does a specific kind of relationship have a vibration? What about a house or a car? 

The concept of vibration is actually more scientific than you might think, and understanding this science makes it easy to match the vibration of our desires. In this episode of The Manifestor’s Guide Today, success coach Dewey Taylor and wellness coach Charley Carroll break down the science of vibes and how we can utilize these vibrations to deliberately create positive shifts in our lives.

Legendary Serbian-American inventor, Nikola Tesla, said that if we want to understand the secrets of the Universe, we should "think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration." After today’s episode, you'll understand why, and how crucial vibration has always been to all aspects of your life!

Your journey toward creating the life you desire will not be the same after this episode!


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