TMG TODAY: “The Key to Motivation” (S1E7)

Apr 20, 2021


We’ll just say it - mainstream discussion mischaracterizes motivation. Simply put, relying on motivation to get us moving is a trap. Feeling “stuck” in life is a common and recurring experience that, for many, is even more confusing when we already know exactly what we “need” to accomplish, but simply lack the motivation to do so. This mindset leads us to either procrastinate or force things into place.

The “forceful action” cycle leaves us swimming upstream, against the current, drowning in hopelessness and overwhelm. When motivation is missing, we’re taught to “push” through it. However, when the inevitable exhaustion hits us square in the face, we can easily see ourselves as lacking, lazy or unworthy of accomplishing what we desire. 

The good news…every sofa-spud is secretly destined for success! In this episode of The Manifestor’s Guide Today, coaches Dewey Taylor and Charley Carroll discuss what lies beyond motivation, how to connect with inspired action and start moving with the rhythm of life. This episode is for the procrastinator who knows they have so much to offer the world, and is ready to get off the couch!


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