TMG TODAY: “Closing Open Cycles” (S1E3)

Mar 22, 2021


Have you felt overwhelmed and and thought, “too much to do...not enough time"? Time is an abundant recourse, yet it's easy to think that if we could only have just a little bit more, we’d be able to accomplish everything we desire. This thought process can lead to overwhelm, procrastination and general feelings of powerlessness. 

While our brains are like computers, they are actually even more efficient! Yet, just as a browser with too many open tabs crowds your workspace and slows down your CPU, unresolved energy creates open "tabs" in our lives, leaving us in chaos, confusion and exhaustion. Sounds overwhelming, doesn't it? 

In this eye-opening episode of The Manifestor’s Guide Today, Dewey Taylor and Charley Carroll look at how closing these often overlooked cycles is key to creating the life of your dreams. If you want to discover the open tabs currently draining your battery, learn how to close them for good and gain back time, energy and space for what matters most, this episode is a must!

Take back your power today by closing the open cycles in your life. Your personal CPU (your mind) thanks you in advance!


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