TMG TODAY: “Tuning Into Success” (S1E6)

Apr 12, 2021


If everything emits a frequency, what is the frequency of success? The answer to tuning into this frequency lies in understanding brainwave states. The five most scientifically studied frequencies govern many aspects of consciousness from deep sleep, to learning, and even problem solving. When each state is accessed for utilization of its proper function, success and ease are a natural output.

However, most aren’t deliberately tuning themselves into the desired frequency for their goals. All five brainwave states serve their own wonderful and necessary purpose. Yet, undesirable habits, unawareness and conditioning keep many existing within a limited range of frequencies. It’s no wonder why we become frustrated, exhausted and easily defeated. Living with these limitations is like trying to climb Mount Everest with an ice pick while an entire set of more advanced tools remain untouched in your backpack. That's what we call "untapped potential," my friends!

In this episode of The Manifestor’s Guide Today, success coach Dewey Taylor and wellness coach Charley Carroll discuss the benefits of all five brainwave states and how to deliberately tune into personal success with ease!

For anyone who feels like they’re still swimming against the current, drained or powerless to reach their goals, buckle up... this episode is a wild ride through five scientifically-studied reality radio "stations."


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