TMG TODAY: “Becoming Magnetic” (S1E5)

Apr 05, 2021


Does it feel like you’re continually “learning” about working" with The Law of Attraction, yet not manifesting what you truly desire? While it’s great that there’s an abundance of manifestation materials on the market, and while The Law of Attraction is certainly a core component of the process, much is left out.

Manifestation is so much more that just “attracting” what we want. When we attract from lower states of consciousness, we aren't yet manifesting from our purpose. Setting new intentions while still remaining tethered to the same state of being that caused our current reality to begin with keeps us stuck.

We attract what we are, and the more powerful we become the more our magnetism grows! In this episode of The Manifestor’s Guide Today, success coach Dewey Taylor and wellness coach Charley Carroll explore how to become magnetic by expanding your personal power, taking up space and manifesting from your purpose. Simply put, the greater your mass, the greater your magnetism!

After this episode, you’ll have a much clearer picture of how to use the Law of Attraction to create the life you truly desire!


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