World’s First Law of Attraction Publisher Launches Introductory Book Series and Multisensory System

Feb 26, 2021

The Manifestor's Guide, a new publisher of content emphasizing the intersection of universal law, success principles and brains science, announced the launch of their introductory book series, starting with The Manifestor's Guide to Ease. This marks the first in a variety of guides aimed to explore and simplify manifestation principles for experts and general audiences alike.

Co-founders and authors, Dewey Taylor and Charley Carroll, have unlocked the secret to manifesting their desires, a secret "beyond the Law of Attraction" says author and success coach Dewey Taylor. This was something crucial that no other guru or author was teaching. "Once we discovered these missing components, everything in our lives improved!"

The ebook and audiobook are designed to work as part of a larger system that includes online community access, groundbreaking courses, and access to unlimited coaching. These components work together for a multisensory learning experience. Dewey says this carefully researched technique "removes blocks" by reprogramming the subconscious mind away from struggle. "We've connected the dots so that you can skip all the nonsense and go straight to manifesting the 3 pillars of a happy life."

Charley Carroll further explains, "We are on a mission to raise consciousness and create master manifestors around the globe by offering untapped insight beyond the Law of Attraction." This first book explores "11 missing components" through five easy steps to instantly supercharge the reader's manifesting abilities. The series expands with future entries by exploring love, joy, and financial freedom among other topics.

Readers are raving about the soothing narrative and empowering takeaways. Eve Mayer, New York Times best-selling author of Life in the Fasting Lane praises this first entry, saying, "Ease just doesn't come easy to me… [The Manifestor's Guide...] opened my heart to the possibility that maybe it doesn't have to be that hard." CEO and professional stylist, Sean Marshall, echoes Eve's sentiment, observing where he "gauged the possibilities of how my thoughts might have transcended had I had this book years ago."

The Manifestor's Guide to Ease ebook and audiobook will be available on Amazon and Audible, as well as iBooks and iTunes beginning in April of 2021. The book is currently available as a part of the complete “Ease” system. Customers who purchase directly from the website can take advantage of special introductory pricing which includes access to unlimited weekly coaching for accelerated results.

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