Pandemic Polarity: Manifesting More in the Age of COVID-19

Apr 09, 2021

Whether social, news, or print, every media outlet in the world has reinforced the crisis of COVID-19 over the past year, inciting rampant fear and anxiety. Social distancing, masks, and isolation have certainly been a change for us all. Yet, while some find themselves increasingly stir crazy, others are utilizing this time for clarity, self-care, and personal growth. Even in the midst of job loss, drifting relationships, and economic uncertainty, there is a bright side to this profound moment in history. Let’s take a look at five ways to turn this time of rejection... into redirection!


Pinpointing Polarity

While it would be beyond easy to focus on all of the negativity festering in the world right now, both Universal Law and science show us that wherever there is a positive, there is also a negative. Once we accept this simple truth, we are now playing a game of focus. We have the choice to continually place focus on the negative pole, or make a conscious choice to focus on the positive. By releasing fear and detaching from the need for specific outcomes, we instantly free ourselves from the “what if” anxiety-loop.


Calculating Trajectory

Polarity also works in the opposite direction. So, wherever there is a negative, there is also a positive. This tool can aid us in identifying what we truly desire by living in its exact opposite. Once we realize this is a powerful and integral component on our manifestation adventure, we can easily set our trajectory in direct alignment with our desired outcomes. This makes it so easy to line up our “right now” goals (micro-manifestations) with our “lifetime” goals (macro-manifestations) before we pull the trigger of inspired action! 


Creating Space

You have to get rid of the old if you want to create space for the new. The Law of Compensation demonstrates this over and over again. Looking at the positive pole of this pandemic, we have plenty of new space and lots of extra time to dedicate to the creation of our desires through inspiration! If we use this newly created space wisely, while keeping our focus on the positive side of our trajectory, we have the opportunity to get lightyears ahead of where we were before any of us even heard the name “COVID-19.”


Segmenting Time

Now that we have more space in our lives to create our desired reality, dividing it up is a great way to mindfully move through our days. Without creating time segments, each day can easily seem like one giant time-block that quickly gets away from us. Anxiety and overwhelm may quickly follow. This is why we often find ourselves faced with the opportunity for growth, but instead find ourselves procrastinating. Providing clarity with our time, intentions, and methodology, allows our true desires to come into focus with ease! 


Moving With Mindfulness

Simply moving through each of our new time segments doesn’t, itself, create what we desire. Without mindfulness, our segments become just a typical schedule. You see, schedules exist within the framework of segmenting, while segmenting exists far beyond the bounds of scheduling. For instance, your scheduled appointment is just as much of a segment as your car ride over. Even better, your entire childhood is also a segment of your life, one that was not scheduled. Segmenting is simply a framework in which to divide time, and while there’s nothing wrong with scheduling our time, being productive with it is another story. We can remove pressure from each segment by taking a moment to mindfully adjust our energy and release the need for a specific outcome. This creates even more space for inspiration and solutions to flow, keeping us vibrating high and desiring to create even more!


Onward & Upward

As we continue through this particular discomfort zone, let's take amount to show gratitude! Gratitude for getting outside, taking a walk, smelling the fresh air, reading a book, meditating on our purpose, catching up with friends, anything that we might have historically taken advantage of. Now, move with mindfulness and manifest far beyond the limitations of any pesky pandemic!


By: Dewey Taylor

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